Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cows on their summer pasture...

Put the cows out on their summer pasture today; they'll be there until probably October or so.  Grass looks good, fences walked and they're in good shape.   I purchased this land at an auction in 2008, and built a corral on it in July of 2009.  Because I want to be able to easily load and unload animals there, a permanent corral was a pretty important amenity.  It's turned out to be very handy; when I buy new cows, having a hard-fenced area that I can hold them for a few days while they get used to the situation is nice. 

The corral needed a load of gravel to the gate; after the flood last year the ground was pretty soft, so moving the loaded stock trailer in was a bit of a chore.  10 yards of gravel and a few minutes with the tractor, and we're all set for the next couple of year.
One thing that you'll notice about these pictures is a distinct lack of cows.  When we turn them loose on this pasture they pretty much make a beeline for the rear fence, and spend most of their time back there.  It's peaceful and green and boring -- pretty much cow heaven.   Yep, I've had some issues with cows on this property, but I've learned to keep the fence in good repair and it's meant pretty much trouble-free operation since then. 

In some places the grass is 8' tall.    Have a happy summer, cows!

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