Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was doing my weekly round around the pasture, and i noticed something odd. I couldn't really see what it was, but it was alive.

The pigs have dug out their own private lagoon, and they're floating around in it like alligators.

I'm guessing this started as a wallow, and they dug down to the water table, and then dug a connection to the local drainage ditch. The result is that they've got a mudhole. But then I noticed something funny. They're not moving. These pigs are stuck.

They can move around in the water and mud, but the sides of the pit they've dug are too steep and slippery for them to climb out of. Now I'm counting. there are 12 pigs stuck in this hole, with an average weight of around 300lbs.

Even my big boar is stuck in the hole. He weighs in at around 600lbs. So I'm looking at half my pig herd stuck in this hole. Best I can figure is that the first few were drinking there, and then it got steep and slippery, and now and then another pig would fall in. there's brush and mud and stuff for them to eat, and they're all in good condition -- lots of body fat. Hmm.. wonder how long they've been in there?


Emily said...

Since I read this post earlier today I've been wondering what you are going to do about your pigators? Are you going to lay some rock or boards down so they can get out? Or pull them out with a tractor?

Anonymous said...

I can see the script for the horror film in my mind... damp spots on your farm suddenly becoming alive with man eating pigs (like baby harp seals but with teeth). They figure out how to tunnel under the packed earth, and come up in strategic places to feast on unknowing people & animals (no more doggies at the park across the street!). Ok so I probably watched "Tremors" one too many times in high school. But for a real "B" horror flick it adds some nuance, No?

Dave said...

So can you charge more for a rare aqua pig ?

Anonymous said...

Won't you get in trouble for your manure going out the drainage ditch, polluting the environment?

Bruce King said...

Normally there's a 6"-12" birm that keeps the pasture seperate from the ditch, formed when the ditch was dug. They put the soil down on both sides, forming a small bank.

The pigs have rooted it out, and while I'd like to replace it, the dept of ecology has served me with an order that no work must be done until we resolve their complaint about my spreading wood chips, so while there might be some runoff from this breach, I'm not allowed to fix it.

This is the second time you've asked about runoff. What issues have you had with them about that?

StefRobrts said...

Great, now the dept of ecology is trying to drown your pigs!

So, how DO you get a 600lb pig out of a mudhole?