Sunday, June 14, 2009

The bantam hen and her turkey godmother

I have a small flock of bantams that I maintain as yard art; they pretty much fend for themselves. They're too small to eat, and they lay little tiny eggs, but they're good mothers and manage to produce two or three sets of chicks each year. Here, a little black bantam hen is brooding her chicks.

She crouches down and spreads her wings a little, and all the chicks crowd in under her.

But then I noticed this turkey hanging out. In fact, the bantam hen and the turkey hen appear to be friends. It's odd because there's no other turkeys around.
As i watch, the turkey hen is clearly hanging out with the bantam, but...
...then I see the turkey hen crouch and the bantam chicks run under her and brood.

This turkey hen has decided that these chicks are hers, too, and is sharing the mothering of the chicks with the bantam hen.


Emily said...

That is so cool. Thanks for sharing. Brought a big smile to my face - and soul.

Adam said...

That's crazy! I kept waiting for you to say the turkey attacked, or something. That's interesting behavior. Thanks for sharing that.