Saturday, June 20, 2009

how does the garden grow

The greenhouse plants are a mixed bag. Some success, some failures.

The watermelons seem to really like it. They're starting to vine out, and the foliage is looking good; nice green. This a sugarbaby watermelon plant. It's supposed to produce 5-7lb personal sized watermelons. So far so good.

The tomatoes are big enough now that I'm going to start staking them. Plenty of flowers, some small fruit set.

I'm realizing that I planted too many zucchini plants. These guys are 2' tall and going for the moon.
The basil is looking good. That's a double row of basil on the right side of this photo.

Harvested the first basil of the year today, trimming off the flowers and growth.
Yum! A whole box of fresh basil! YUM!!!

Andrea is horrified at the size of the squash patch. The squash are rapidly filling that end of the greenhouse.

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