Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farm tourism -- and the consequences!!!

Two news articles today caught my eye.

As someone who is a new farmer in snohomish county, I noted that the first article documents that farms in snohomish county are disappearing in ever greater numbers, and those farms that remain are doing agritourism to survive.

Agritourism is where the farm is operated primarily as a tourist attraction -- it's funny, but I get calls from folks all the time looking for baby animals they can use for their petting zoos and so on.
People go to these farms and think that they're in a place that has guard rails. They leave their common sense at the door. They (allegedly) get their hands bitten by PIGS.

I've found pictures of the alleged perps. You can see them here.

I actually farm because I like producing great products and caring for the animals, as frustrating as that is sometimes. I'm not a tour guide, and I don't plan on having a corn maze or a hay ride. and I certainly wouldn't recommend folks feed the pigs with their hands.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy teaching or showing folks what I do -- just that my primary focus is the process and actions of farming and not tourism.

No offense intended for the herbarm, or basil and borage, the pigs in question.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Bruce! I can only hope that the Herb Farm (if indeed they paid the lady) did so in Bacon Futures!

Dave said...

Just a thought but agro tourism may be a good way to get the county folks off your back, especially if you build up a following.