Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pigs and bucket

The piglets are getting pretty big. They've been eating an increasing amount of solid food and should be ready to go in a week or so.

A bucket is a pretty interesting item to the piglets. I had just used this bucket to fill the feeder and noticed the piglets trying their best to eat the bucket. They're straining as hard as they can go get their mouths on the bucket.
Of course, if one piglet sees another piglet doing something, especially something as interesting as a bucket, why, it becomes a group activity. Now they're all jostling one another, shoulder-to-shoulder to get to the tasty bucket. The bucket is empty, by the way, and they're after the bottom of the bucket anyways. The key to this is that it's novel and they want it.

So if one bucket is fun, why, two buckets will be a a true source of piglet joy! It's always fun to play with the piglets. Have to watch out for the sharp little teeth though; they don't mean any harm, it's their nature to explore the world with their mouths. So many interesting textures to them.

Cat (the airedale) comes over and says hello to the piglets too. It's peaceful little moments like this that make farming so satisfying.

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Walter Jeffries said...

Oh, I'm aware of your world, Bruce. NH, where I've lived, has no state meat inspection program. They also are sorely lacking in processing and have been desperately trying to setup a department from what I've heard. Vermont is making a dramatic mistake to follow in their shoes. e.g., get rid of the department and then waste ten times as much reestablishing it later. So, Bruce, please write to Vermont Governor Douglas, even though you are out of state, because you have the experience, and let him know the error of his ways. Here's the link: