Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goose eggs!

Since snohomish county is convinced that my farm is killer whale habitat I figured I might as well start adding some waterfowl.

The goose egg on the left is massive. It's very heavy, feels like a pound or so. It is easily twice as heavy as the turkey egg in the center, and maybe 4 times the weight of the large chicken egg on the right.

This is where those emu/ostrich incubation trays really shine. Here's a picture of the goose eggs sharing a tray with some chicken eggs.

I hatched a batch of call ducks last year and they really worked out well. There's plenty of water around the property for them to play in and they forage very well. Unfortunately they like ripe tomatoes. but I like roast duck, so I guess we're even.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bruce - What's the difference in taste between goose/duck/chicken eggs? Thanks for a great blog - I read it every day. Sorry to hear about your killer whale habitat - they must have great legs for travelling, hey? Patty

Bruce King said...

Now that I know that I own farmland that is frequented by killer whales I've been watching every day for the tell-tale 6 foot tall dorsal fins to come cutting through the grass. Hope they don't eat pigs.

One of the goose eggs got dropped when we were loading the incubator, so I'm going to cook it and a chicken egg up and see what the difference is. Look for it in a few days.