Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring flush

It feels like spring already. I think that the chickens have already decided that it is. Here's today's lay from the chickens. The majority of these eggs are a light brown to pink. The two darkest eggs are from cuckoo marans, which look a lot like a barred rock but lay much darker eggs.

The turkeys are producing, too. from the left: Bourbon red turkey egg, Narragansett turkey egg, upper brown is a barred rock, lower white is a pearl white leghorn, small egg is a bantam egg, and a cuckoo maran egg finishes this list, in the lower right hand corner.

Most of these eggs will go into the incubator. We'll probably produce 500 chicks and poults this month. I notice that Murray Mcmurray hatchery is again sold out for at least a month in advance. I'm pretty happy that I'm mostly producing my own chicks this year.

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