Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The turkey easter-egg hunt

This has been a really cold, snowy winter. The turkeys don't really take cover from this sort of weather. They just sit there and get covered with snow. It seems to be ok -- I don't lose any. I think that it's mostly because they've got all the food that they can eat, and good feathers, but I have to wonder sometimes. They've got plenty of places they can go and get out of the snow; under trailers or buildings or vehicles, but they'd rather stand around in big groups and gobble at each other.

While I was throwing bales of hay to the cows and sheep, I noticed this bourbon red hen walking down the driveway. I noted that, and finished throwing the hay. Then I collected the eggs from the chickens, and put them into the truck. All of the eggs that are laid on the farm are fertile, and we incubate the ones we don't eat.

So I get a little mystery. I followed her tracks down the driveway, into some long grass.

And there her egg is, still warm from being laid. I waited a while to allow her to lay her egg before I tracked her down. Now that I know where her nest is I'll put a couple of golf balls into it, and collect the turkey eggs as she lays them. If you take all the eggs out and leave nothing she'll notice and pick another nesting spot.

While I'm out here, I notice another turkey track. So I follow this one to a bunch of grass not too far from the first one.

And find another perfect turkey egg. I guess it's time to pen them for the laying season, can't depend on snow every day.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, your own personal Easter Egg hunt... mighty thoughtful of them.