Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turkey the cat and the Lettuce disaster

One thing that people do rural areas is dump animals that they no longer want as pets; I have animals and couches and other stuff show up on the side of the road. It's an unfortunate part of being close to the city. The animals usually starve to death, get hit by cars trying to run somewhere, get eaten by a coyote, or a farmer kills it because it's preying on livestock. Feral cats are deadly to small poultry.

I caught turkey the cat killing my little turkey poults. The big turkeys were too big for her, but she killed 2 or 3 before I finally lured her over with some food. She'd been someones cat and was tame and friendly, but was obviously nursing kittens and was starving. So I didn't begrudge her the turkeys, but I did have her spayed. Notice that the tip of her right ear is missing. That tipping is how you indicate that a feral cat has been spayed. She seemed friendly, and I was ok with her being a barn cat. I took her home to tame her a little more, and ended up keeping her at the house.

Turkey the cat is in robust good health. Spayed and with a full set of vaccinations ($11 at the feed store) she's one of the few animals that survive being dumped. We managed to trap one of her kittens as well, a little white spitfire that is not at all tame. the kitten has been living in a dog carrier in our living room for a month or so now, so that we can tame it down enough to allow us to handle it and get it spayed or neutered when we figure out what sex it is. It still hisses and spits and claws, but it's getting a little calmer every day.

So tonight turkey decided to jump up on the light table and managed to knock over a tray of lettuce sprouts.
it takes about 2 hours to replant 288 lettuce seedlings. Curious to see how many survive.

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Anonymous said...

I need a barn cat, so if you get any spare strays or dumped cats, let me know. I'd be happy to pick it (them) up.