Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pigs for sale

I've got 5 good looking pigs that are approaching their date. If you're interested in a half or whole pig from me, email me at or call me at 206 940 4980.

These 5 are yorkshire/hampshire cross, born last june and will weigh between 240 and 260lbs at slaughter. If you'd prefer a larger pig, let me know. I'll either hold one of these back and deliver it on your schedule, or arrange for another animal later in the year.

The cost is $3/lb, which includes the farm kill, cut-and-wrap, and the cost of the pig itself. A half pig will average about 100lbs, so the total commitment for half a pig is about $300.

Two people can easily eat a half-pig in a year, and it'll fit into (fill) a standard refrigerator freezer
with careful packing. I can't legally sell less than a half a pig, but if you chose to share them with your extended family, why, I think they'd be grateful for a quarter pig.

There's usually a 3-4 week leadtime between the date of slaughter and the date you receive your wrapped pig and bacon and so on. I use either one-way meats out of snohomish, or sylvana meats out of sylvana to do the farm kill and cut-and-wrap, but we can arrange to have the halves transported to another shop if you'd prefer.

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