Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pigs in the greenhouse

I have a small hoophouse greenhouse that we use for storage in the winter, and for early-season chickens, as it provides more shelter for the little guys initially. So this morning we found that the medium sized pigs had decided that it was pretty comfy, and had moved in.

I put the trough in there to make it easier to water the chickens. It takes quite a bit of cold to freeze it solid, so there's liquid water under the ice even when it's pretty cold outside. The pigs view running water inside a shelter as a big selling point.
There are two groups of pigs in this photo. They're the pig social groups that I mentioned a few posts ago -- Best Friends forever (BFF)

The white pig at the bottom of the picture is the right size to be put out with the main herd. She's a poland cross pig, and has amazing length to her, so I'm curious what her piglets will look like when they grow out.

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