Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pigs snoozing and pig BFF

It's a sunny, but cold, day. The pigs have decided that they're going to lay down on top of the cow & sheep's food. The sheep aren't really impressed by this. They'll nibble on the edges a little. The picture shows two social groups of pigs. They hang out together, and sleep together and eat together. They're not organized by size, as you'd expect. Each group contains a larger pig, a few medium sized pigs and a couple of smaller pigs. Once these groups form, they're pretty much for the lifespan of the pig.
And if you've ever wondered where the term "pigpile" comes from, there ya go. They arrange themselves so that theres at least one pig facing in every direction.

The little black pig right in the center has the best position. Warm on all sides, completely protected by the herd. Good sleeping there.
Sweet dreams, pigs.


Lydia said...

I love your blog! I originally found it when we first got a family milk cow. Now, we recently got pigs and are planning on breeding them. Do you keep your boar separate from your sows?

Bruce King said...

We run our boars with our sows; we move the sows into seperate housing when they get close to farrowing, and then return them after the piglets are weaned.

Bruce King said...
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