Sunday, July 31, 2011

This recession is really, really bad.

A pretty simple barometer that I use is the pump price.  No, not the price of a gallon of fuel, because that's actually pretty close across the country, but the amount of fuel purchased, and I've been  seeing this more and more often: 

When you see this sort of fuel sale it says to me that the person buying the fuel is pretty much flat busted broke.  It's not a gas can -- that would be 1.0 gallons,or 5.0 gallons.  It's not topping off the tank (not many people refill their tank when they're a gallon and a half short...) 

It's an even better indicator if it's a flat amount.  Like $5.00.  or $3.00

So next time you're at the pump, look at the previous purchase.


Anonymous said...

The fuel could have been for a

sheila said...

motorcycle or scooter?

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh. It made me think about all the gas I've had stolen out of my truck lately. I finally got a locking gas cap and sure enough I'm getting better gas mileage. I thought I was going crazy. You know gas prices are high when gas thefts increase. Maybe the guy that filled up with 1.6 gallons was a thief who couldn't find an unlocked tank of gas to steal.

Anonymous said...

It could have been a 2 gal. can.

Robin said...

Gosh, I remember when I was a teenager scrapping up a dollar or two for gas. That sure wouldn't get you much now. I even remember a friend who was low and found a few cents in her car and used that.

I will have to look at the pump next time I am there and see what it says.

Anonymous said...

Like the others said, yes it's a bad economy, but this also happens to be the exact amount that I have to put in my motorcycle everday after my commute.