Monday, August 1, 2011

Haying 2011 (finally)

Spent part of this weekend on the one sunny day, putting hay away.  Only put 200 bales away, which amounts to 200 cow days (roughly a months supply) and stopped when it started raining.  Looks like i'm going to have to order a truckload of hay this year if I want to have any in the barn. 

The hay guy was having problems with year with his baler.  The knotter wasn't working correctly, and we ended up having quite a bit of wastage. 
The tractor is outfitted with a plate of 1/4" steel in the front bucket to facilitate the loading of the hay, and we've hooked up the pig carrier in the rear.  Allows us to pick up 600lbs of hay with the bucket and another 800lbs with the rear as we carry it to the barn and stack it. 
The plate is secured to the bucket by tabs welded into the interior of the bucket and a big screw that we use to clamp it to the side. 

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Chris said...

This year is gonna be hard on animals. We'll need to gird ourselves for the fall "save my horse/cow/goat/chicken I can't feed it" posts. I'm hauling about 8-12 tons from E. Washington this year as everything has been rained on locally.