Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Danny Woo Community Garden Pig Roast

I was honored to provide a pig for the Danny Woo Community Garden pig roast last year, and they selected my farm again this year; last years pig was the tastiest they'd had, and it was a nice endorsement of what I select and raise my animals for -- the best taste. 
The garden is operated by Interim CDA, a group who advocates and builds housing for low income asian and pacific islanders, and towards that goal they've renovated or constructed 303 units of housing, which is a pretty large number in the downtown area.  As part of their projects they provide a garden area where people can grow whatever they wish. 
The amount of labor that goes into each plot is amazing.  This fellow is removing all the leaves that have any sort of blemish on them, one by one. 
These leaves are then given to the chickens that are in a coop in the center of the gardens.  Personally, I think they need a couple of pigs to eat up all the excess produce. 
 They've been roasting pigs here for 30 years.  that's an amazing continuity.  This pig was rotated 12,000 times overnight, by hand, to produce the lovely mahogany color and crispy skin. 
of course, what's a community garden without a gubernatorial candidate.  I'm the funny looking guy on the right.   Jonathan Chen, the gardens manager, is on the left, holding the sign. 
The skin is one of the favorite parts at a pig roast.  Slightly crispy, it's sliced into bite-sized pieces to be served out with the rest of the meat.  It was really yummy. 
The pig itself was fork-tender.  Here it's being sliced up with a spatula.  Not a knife.  A spatula.  lovely. 
Eventually the entire pig was reduced to bones, and then the bones were parceled up and given out to make stock with.  No waste.  Once through the stock pot, into the compost pile. 

Thank you for your support of local agriculture, Interim CDA.  I appreciate it. 

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Maybe this community could help you find your next farm worker?