Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pigs on summer pasture

 Moved the pigs onto their summer pasture today; the sheep and goats have done a great job of keeping the grass low and tender for the pigs.  If it gets too tall they don't seem to eat as much, so this is about perfect. 
The sow in the middle is a purebred berkshire.  Notice the white socks and white blaze on her nose.  That's how most folks recognize the breed.  White socks and nose. 
 We still find bits of pieces of cars on the land, here Andrea is offering a hubcap she found to one of our sows who was curious about it.  The sow weighs about 800lbs; she's one of our biggest.  Very sweet girl. 
It's funny, but even with acres of space in all directions, the pigs prefer to touch each other if at all possible.  They'll occasional meander apart, but most of the time they're within touching distance of the other pigs. 

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