Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been getting up earlier than usual in the hopes of taking out this coyote, and it's been interesting to be out there early in the morning, just watching and listening. 
 This is about 4am; the night shift is still out and about; I can see them using a little infrared sensor, and it's pretty amazing out many critters are out there that I never see in the daytime. 
When the sky starts to brighten you can see the ground fog; it's caused by the cold air trapped at ground level, capped by warmer air above.  it burns off in 20 minutes, but its quite pretty. 

There's a whole orchestra of bird calls.  The earliest one that I hear is the common robin.  Starlings come in big flocks, and the crows are soon there.  I have 4 ravens that show up after that, and then the redtailed hawk makes her rounds, and after that the two eagles nesting nearby do a flyover -- and annoyingly, perch on top of my turkey coop and terrify the turkeys for the next 30 minutes. 

No coyote this morning, but enjoyed the dawn on my farm. 

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Snowi-Ella said...

Beautiful! Some mornings I'm driving past your farm pretty early; I see a similar scene for about 30 seconds.

Your poor birds. Who knew eagles were such terrorists?