Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pink, perfect Piglets

 Piglets are pretty fun to watch.  I turned this litter out into my vegetable garden.  They're busily rooting out the turnips that I planted for them in the spring.  Occasionally they find something better; an acorn squash is a challenge, but worth trying for.  A missed carrot.  Some lettuce or cabbage leaves. 
 They are very fast, and very alert, and roam around in a big group, sort of like a blob of oil on water. 
 A pigs nose is one of their most sensitive organs.  Their nose is constantly working; they'll often detect some thing first by smelling it, and then look at it. 
 what's interesting about a herd of piglets is that they seem to always have one or two looking out for the herd.  So here I've got two looking at me, while the rest ingore me.  They'll sometimes startle; a deep, gutteral UMP! is the warning bark, and they'll all bunch up and run a short distance, looking back. 

Piglets in the fall.

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Anonymous said...


You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You truly "have to much time on [your] hands while [you] ignore [your] animals rotting in the mud" Shame on you sir!!!

Great pictures!