Monday, November 15, 2010

Eating roadkill

I had a medium size pig get out of the fence earlier today; a nice 60lb berkshire barrow.  I spotted the pig out, and went out to the road to herd it back in.  While I was doing that a helpful neighbor driving by stopped a little farther down the road to block the pig from running, and I walked up, intent on circling around it to then encourage it back into the gate. 

I noticed a car down the road, making a good speed, coming up.  I tried to get this pig off the road, and apparently my standing in the road waving my arms distracted the driver and they responding by SPEEDING UP and basically ran down this pig.  Big thump, pig on the ground behind the car.  the driver heard the thump -- you could see the car flinch, but kept going, down the road to the stopsign.  Where they stopped and looked back, and then DROVE OFF. 

It was pretty dark.  The pig was black.... but the truth is that I don't think they know what they hit, and that they didn't want to know.  i'm guessing it's someone on the island, and I'll keep my eye out for a late 90s ford explorer.  But if you're reading this, here's what I'm going to say: 


So i'm watching this car drive away, and I'm looking at my dead pig, and honestly the first thought that crossed my mind after the outrage was "darn.  I'm pretty bushed already.  I didn't really want to scald and scrape a pig right now". 

The car seems to have hit the pig on the right front shoulder, right at the spine, and to have broken the spine.  the pig was down pretty quick, kicked a couple of times and was done.  When I opened it up all of the ribs on the right side, under the shoulder, were broken right at the spine.  It looked like a rib fragment cut the arteries at the top of the heart; lots of congealed blood in the body cavity. 

After scalding and scraping, I split the pig in half and then slow-roasted the half a pig shown above; 275 degrees for 12 hours.  I'll can some of it, because I'm short on freezer space right now, and freeze a little of it, and eat some of it fresh; pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, carnitoes, that sort of thing. 


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

That kind of crap makes me crazy - people do the same here when we move the cows down the road. There almost is always someone who won't wait five minutes and has to drive right through.

Glad you were able to salvage the meat.

Bruce King said...

It's one of the things about living in an agricultural area. You'll have some interactions with the farmer, and a few seconds or a minute would have made all the difference here.

Just relax and enjoy the show from the comfort of your car. It'll be over soon enough.

StefRobrts said...

I get stuck behind a tractor maybe twice a year or so, and when I see people tailgating them or zooming around them, it just ticks me off! They aren't going far, just relax! Is there really somewhere you have to be so important you can't slow down for a minute? If so then you shouldn't like out in the country.

But blasting past people standing on the road in the dark? That's especially stupid. They are just lucky it was only a pig!

Adam said...

That looks like some good eating there!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that always happens to me too- why can't they die when I'm feeling fresh and energetic and have a whole weekend ahead of me so there is plenty of time to squeeze in butchering? Never! It's always when I totally don't feel like it, in the dark, or when I'm busy. Bleah, Murphy's Law! :-D

I know what you mean about crazy drivers too- there is no slowing down on our road no matter what's going on. I've been lucky, so far the only thing I've had run over is my cell phone.