Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Other thanksgiving traditions - Tongan

I've got a number of customers from the local Tongan (as in from the nation of Tonga) community, and for their thanksgiving - in fact, for most social gatherings (weddings, funerals, family reunions, etc) their food of choice is a nice small pig. 
They like their small pig fresh -- as fresh as they can get it, which in this case means that they'll be cooking it less than an hour after slaughter.  Here two long time customers of mine and their two sons are scraping a pig that they purchased from me.  This pig will be the centerpiece of a family gathering of 10, and after they've all eaten their fill each person will go home with a packet of food for consumption in the next few days. 

I like these guys.  Most of the guys I know are involved in heavy construction of some sort; steel or concrete.  Hard working guys who work equally hard to provide the cultural experience to their children, too. 

(notice the killing road-cones in the background; we processed the turkeys here.  We're putting the barn slab to use already! 

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