Tuesday, November 2, 2010

airedale puppies

10 fat, happy airedale puppies.  They opened their eyes today. 
 They're pretty darned cute.

 Before they're weaned they'll weigh more than mom does.  She's on the "all you can eat" diet right now; and it's pretty substantial what she can eat.  4 cans of wet food and all the dry food she can consume.  And she does consume. 
The box is a cut down refrigerator box; handy for when the pups are small.  but at this age they're able to get around and climb out. 
10 Puppies born October 12th.   If you know someone who's interested in a an Airedale, they'll be weaned  the first week of December. 

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Anonymous said...

Excellent looking pups. We're looking for another farm dog, but you're a little far from us.