Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sacrifice paddock -- fencing

For this particular project I'm making a gate opening that will allow me to enter and exit with the bucket on the tractor all the way up.  If I do that, I cannot have an accident in the future, unless I get a larger tractor, which is unlikely. 

The problem becomes how to mount the top-bar on the fence.  It's a little taller than the bucket on the tractor, but not much.  So where's what I do: 

Lift the buck up and rotate it, so that it gets within about a foot, and then put a ladder up on each side to lift the top bar up.  Now I want to notch the top bar, and spike it into place.  So I do that by using the bucket as a work platform. 

I then stand on the flat bucket surface and can use the chainsaw and sledgehammer with relative safety.  Repeat for the other side. 

To prepare for the fence I take the bucket of the tractor and level the area under where the fence will be, and then run some baling twine along the proposed fenceline.  Once I've got it the way I want it, I dig and cement in the braces.  This all takes about a day.  The cement takes a couple of days to cure. 

Tommorow I'll start stretching the fence. 

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Good for you.. but remember, all work and no play, makes for a painful back!