Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gifts from the highway

My land is pretty close to the city; about 3 minutes by car, and it's got a big freeway that runs down one side of it, elevated 20' above.  As with any freeway, I get donations of all sorts of stuff that flies off the freeway and lands on my property, so every few weeks I go and pick up whatever it is. 

I use the pig carrier that I made to collect it.  Todays collection has some bits of plywood -- the sides of someones truck bed, i think, 8 2x4s (that must have been dangerous to have on the roadway.  Sometimes the state patrol will toss hazards off the roadway if they can't get it off safely) and some bits of metal. 

The metal is interesting.  It's not car parts -- you can see a bit of it in the pig carrier.  It's the big gray thing.  It's sheet metal, galvanized, but it looks like it was torn.  Maybe sheet metal off a trailer.  Odd. 

There's a little bit of fencing; nothing that I can use.  I've considered applying for one of those highway cleanup signs, "this highway sponsored by", since I"m the one who's primarily cleaning up the litter, but I've already got enough chores, so I don't think I will.

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