Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chips and chips and chips

I've been accumulating my chip pile for a few months now; every now and then I sell a few loads to someone.  I wouldn't have thought that it would be valuable, but then again, the value of having land next to a major highway is showing itself.  I sell a truckload of these chips for $30 + a delivery fee based on the mileage, and I think I've sold 60 truckloads this year.  I should probably raise the price, but I'm selling mostly to other farmers, and this stuff isn't going to make them money -- they're using it to control mud in their pastures or mulch or amend soil, and so I feel kinda guilty about charging them $2.50/yard delivered, but it pays for the truck license and diesel, so I guess it's fair. 
  It's funny -- as much as I agitate for fair farm pricing, I have the same qualms about prices as everyone else. 

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