Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sheep shelter part 2

Rainy today, rained all day.  It'll be nice to have the roof on this shed tommorow. 

I'm putting down a deck of 1x8 rough sawn douglas fir boards that I milled last year.  They're 16 feet long, so each board runs the whole length of the shelter.  Some galvanized ring-shank nails and it's a solid platform for the next step, the verticals. 

I first notch the skid log so that there's a flat surface I'm basically cutting the curve out of the log.  Each of these cuts is the width of vertical member that fits into it.  It's pretty quick to do. You place your vertical there, scribe a line, and then make the cut with the chainsaw. 

Then you do the same sort of cut to the vertical piece.  Here I've cut a flat spot on this post. 

If I did it right the post fits snug in its new notch.  6 spikes later and it's secure.  I've been thinking about putting in a lag bolt here, but I think I'll defer that until near the end of the project.  I think it'll be sturdy enough when I get the diagonal bracing in; the wood notch helps keep it in place, too.

The length-wise beams are a pair of 1x8s, same as for the flooring, nailed to the posts.  The rafters are 2x4s, with a 6' span between the two beams.  I think that a 1x8 is enough strength for the small roof area here, but if it turns out that it's not enough I can nail another 1x8 on each side and double it up.  The boards across the ends of the rafters are to keep the rafters spaced correctly and give me somewhere to attach the metal roofing.   I've also trimmed the deck boards and the flooring joist ends here.   Next step is to put the roof on and then start building the side walls.  This will be a three-sided structure. 

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