Friday, July 24, 2009

Greenhouse disaster

Remember the other day when I was happy about the watermelon?
A pig got into the greenhouse and completely demolished most of the plants. The picture above is the squash patch. I was debating on thinning them. I guess I don't have that decision anymore. Maybe some of them will survive.
The pig ate all of the melons. Hope they got really fat on them. Teach me to count my chickens before they hatch. Arrgh!

It's like a tornado went straight through the tomato patch. The pigs ate the cherry tomato plants.
Not sure there's enough growing season to replant. I'm going to try to replant because the greenhouse stretches my season, but I've got to say this is pretty depressing.


TJ said...

I have been following you're blog for awhile and love it very good reading. I feel bad for you, that is alot of work down the drain.I hope something can be salvaged. Keep up the great work.

Across The Creek Farm said...

That really really stinks

Emily said...

I was feeling rather envious of your watermelons and tomatoes. Now I feel your pain. I'll bet everything will germinate quickly in the heat of summer. By the way, sure enjoy all the information you take the time and energy to share with us. Thankyou, Thankyou!

damae said...

aaahhhohhhh, my watermelons!!! oaahh, I want to cry, where's that pig, I'll eat him!! (really I don't eat pig, but I may make an exception here.) Dang! I was going to enjoy those watermelons at least vicariously and like Emily, but your pig robbed me!! I can't tell you how many times this kind of thing happens to me. lol oh, well, get over it and replant. after you shore up the buttresses, oh, you have no butresses? did your electric fence fail? put in a backup. so easy for me to tell you what to do, lol
They smelled those watermelons and knew they were delish!!