Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pig dental floss

We've got a bunch of little guys running around right now. They're small enough that they scoot under the electric fence and through gaps that exclude larger pigs. I collectively call them the terrorists. They're pretty mischievous -- curious, and there are some things that appear to be completely irresistible to them.
rope appears to be one of those things. First one of the piglets will grab it, and run with it, and when the other piglets find out what sort of fun the first one is having, they all go for it. They play tug of war pig-style.
If two dogs had this rope they'd be facing each other, and pulling away. with pigs, the technique is to grab the rope as close to the head of the next pig, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your rival. The tug-of-war happens with sideways motions of your head. So this bigger black piglet is actually pulling the other two piglets towards me as she tries to take the rope away. the other two piglets are squealing MINE MINE! but they aren't working together, and in the pig world, size matters.

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