Friday, July 17, 2009

Installing barbed wire fence - part 3 of 3

That's the ATV in the distance deploying the third strand of wire - you can see it on the ground to the left in the picture. Click on the picture for a larger version.

On this side it was pretty straightforward; two guys installed 4 strands 1200' long with a stretching point every 200' and two strong corners in two days.
If you look closely you can see the wood stretching point in the distance. The fence is under good tension now and is pretty straight. Heres' the BOM:

All spools are 80 rods/1350'

1 spool brace wire: $85
8 spools barbed wire: $680
22 4-6" 8' posts, stretching points, $110
11 10' 4-6" posts, horizontal brace for stretching post, $66
30lbs fence staples, $75
12 6x6x8' pressure treated (gate posts) $240
2 14' steel gates, $250
1 6' steel gate, $40
90 7' heavy duty T posts, $360
400 t post clips (attach wire to post) $48
45 80lb bags ready mix concrete, $200
12 man days labor
1 spool baling twine

Tools used:
Framing hammer
digging bar
ATV + custom attachment

Total cost: $2154 materials, resulting in 2,800 feet of 4 strand tensioned barbed wire fence with 2 big gates and 1 man gate, or $0.76/linear foot, excluding labor costs.

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