Wednesday, April 29, 2009

swine flu - egypt

The associated press is reporting that (presumably the government of) Egypt has ordered the slaughter of all pigs. Here's the quote:

"...Egypt slaughtered all its pigs and the central African nation of Gabon became the latest nation to ban pork imports, despite assurances that swine flu was not related to eating pork. "

Original stories can be found here and here.

Egypt has a christian minority that eats pork, but is a primarily muslim nation; given the religious prohibitions against pork in islam, I'm not surprised that this seems like a reasonable step.


StefRobrts said...

I'm worried that if this gets bad people in the US could demand the destruction of pigs or poultry with no scientific reason for doing so. Every time people refer to it as being a mix of swine and avian flu, I wonder when some idiot will suggest it.

Kim said...

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Good point Stef, but they won't eliminate the pigs that are raised in the commercial outfits that incubate disease, they'll just use this as an excuse to eliminate the competition.