Saturday, April 18, 2009

The black pigs beauty regimen

The black pig was looking particularly fabulous today, and I thought I'd share her beauty secret: Mud. Lots of Mud.

The black pig is pretty pregnant, and today it was sunny, and, for her, a bit warm at 60 degrees. So half the day she spent laying in the hay and making a nest, with frequent visits to the spa -- a wallowing hole about 30 feet away that she maintains as mud. She actually bastes herself in the mud, first one side, then the other. You can see here that she's half-done. She'll flop over on the other side in a second.

So if you'd like to have silky soft skin and hair with volume and the texture of a good hairbrush, you too can follow the black pigs regimen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I sure wish me and mud did equal beauty, lol, Ms. Jolie would have nothing on me. I could prolly give that pig some pretty good competition when it comes to getting muddy, just ask the hubby, lol