Sunday, April 5, 2009

Recession buying trends

Local feed stores are seeing record sales of seeds, started plants, chicks and livestock supplies. It's interesting to note that commodity prices -- prices of finished meats from large-scale farms, for instance, continue to decline.

In my area, the feed stores that usually have a decent selection of chicks are sold out; 100%. Which happens to suite me just fine -- I've got hundreds of chicks to sell.

In our current environment, is there something that people are buying or doing that surprises you?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, I like your attitude.

Seven Trees said...

We're up in Whatcom county, and notice the same movement to grow-yer-own. It's a pretty know-your-farmer kind of area anyway, but seems like everyone I know os starting a garden or backyard flock.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was my mom asking me for canning advice. She's the one who taught me all those years ago.....go figure!