Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hay, wind, tarps

A blustery, sunny springlike day today. This is my 2nd hay stack, and the tarp has broken loose and really wants to fly away.

I put down pallets,and then put plywood down to cover the pallets, and stacked the hay on top of it, and then tarped the whole thing. But the tarp hasn't worked very well, so I figure I've lost about 30% of this pile of bales. Not as big as a disaster as it might seem, this is local grass hay that I bought for $2/bale, but annoying none the less. I'll probably sort through the pile, cut the bales open and spread them on the field and then till them in for compost. Lots of straw mushrooms in this pile.

my main hay stack is in my hay barn and I've only lost about 5% of that, mostly on the bottom edges, but I didn't get the barn completed until october, and by then it wasn't possible to get to this pile of hay with the truck, so I take my losses and chalk it up to education.

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