Sunday, December 23, 2012

New blog I read

From the "about" link on his blog: 

"Matthew Walter is a full-time farmer in the driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. Matthew raises and direct-markets hoophouse pork and grass-finished beef as Jordandal Farms.
Matthew received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from UW-Platteville while continuing to farm on the weekends. Matthew then studied population genetics at Iowa State University under the late, Dr. Lauren Christian. While there, he became one of the first eight certified swine ultrasound technicians in the world. He used ultrasound to evaluate over 5,000 swine in two years. "

Matthew farms in Wisconsin and he writes about a different kind of farming than we have on the west cost -- case in point, he recently recounted selling a boar of his for $0.14/lb, which would just about kill me. 

He's involved in planting, harvesting and feeding crops to his hogs and cows, and his BS in animal science brings an academic rigor to his farm that I like a lot. 

Figured you guys might be interested, too. 

Check out his blog, Curious farmer, in the "blogs I read" list on the right side of my blog, about halfway down. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Bruce! It is interesting to see how different agriculture is, even within the USA.
You have a lot of interesting posts. I look forward to following your journey.