Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Natures Harmony fundraiser

[Update 12-20-2012.  We've raised $13.25 towards the fund!  Keep those donations coming.  We can't send just one of them to the movies, and I'd like to allow them to buy popcorn, too!]
I was looking at the natures harmony facebook page and noticed this conversation related to their blog and podcasts being deleted.  It looks like it's the cost of the hosting that is making it hard for them to maintain it. 
Now I'm a bit surprised by that because over the years they've had advertisers and sponsors, but times are tough, and it's possible that money is tight enough at Natures Harmony that they really have to cut their spending to the bone.   You'll find a copy of the relevant discussion below, from their facebook page: 

 Tim and Liz have been tireless in their promotion of their farm, farming practices and products.  They have done more interviews than I can count.  They've been on TV.  They've written books and pamphlets; they've taught classes on how to be a profitable farm, and written a book on profitable homesteading.  They've been a resource for the entire country on sustainable farming.  I'd hate to see that sort of work go unrewarded. 

Got to love these guys - selfless and giving!
So I'd like to see anyone who's appreciated Natures Harmony in any way contribute to them so that they can afford to keep their blog and podcast going.   I figure that if every person contributes $0.25 that it'll make a big difference, and maybe we can send them on a night on the town -- dinner and a movie -- or something else they enjoy.  Remember that they have a new child, and so they'll need a babysitter when you're considering the size of your donation. 

I'll be the first to send them $1.00, and I hope that the funds we raise here will allow them to afford to keep their web presence online and maybe have a night out!   

Please do feel free to tell people about this, and express your support for natures harmony on their facebook page.  They need the encouragement!!

Tim isn't able to recieve money at his email address (tim@naturesharmonyfarm.com) but you can send it to me and I'll forward it to him via US mail or another paypal account if he has one.  Tim, you just need to say where you want the money to go and it'll be there!

Donate to the Take Tim and Liz to the movies fund!  Send it to bruceki@bigpig.net

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Funder said...

They remind me of that lame old joke: How do you make a small fortune in horses? Start with a large one.

I think they'd have had more fun if they'd just gotten into cutting horses or dressage instead of farming.