Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy holidays, with pigs and cake

Tank, my first wreath model attempt
I had planned a festive wreath arrangement on a pig, and had two chocolate cakes and a couple of wreaths to make this easier, but I ran into technical difficulties.  The first was that my first wreath model candidate weighs about 600lbs (you can't really see how big she is in the photo above, but take my word for it)

I thought I could maybe slip it over her head.  No luck. 
 She was actually pretty good natured about the whole thing, but I made a terrible tactical mistake.  Take a look at my hand in the picture above -- that's chocolate cake frosting all over it.  So she kept smelling chocolate cake the whole time and wanting to look up to my hand.  I also couldn't fit it over anything but her nose, really. 
An ear
 So I tried hanging it on her ear, but that really didn't work out either.  So I gave up on her and gave her and her piglets the chocolate cake anyway.  Her piglets were diving mouth first into the cake and covering themselves in frosting.  They were deliciously coated afterwards. 
cake is good!!
My second attempt was a little different.  I chose #30, a very friendly smaller black sow that I thought would fit into the wreath, and decided to bribe her first.  So I set the chocolate cake on the ground and...
She took a big bite and immediately ran off with the mouthful of cake.  When pigs find something really good the first thing they do is try to take it away someplace quiet and eat it all themselves.  They are pigs, after all. They are not big on sharing.
 So I waited by the cake until she returned.  It is a black chocolate truffle cake with buttercream frosting and covered with shaved dark chocolate.  It smelled divine!
black pig wasn't my best choice.  She's on the right.  
 When she figured out that I wasn't eating the cake, I carefully tried moving the wreath up, but she wasn't have any of the wreath, but she really wanted the cake!
 So I chased her around a little with the wreath, and then finally just let her eat her holiday dinner in peace.
Pigs eat cake from top down.  No dainty slicing for a pig!

Happy holidays, #30.  You've been a good sow and always sweet.

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