Wednesday, August 15, 2012

farm "investors"

Unsolicited email:   

RE: Information / Enquiry,

I Am a Private investor seeking for Investment Opportunity to do ,in any viable
business or Project in your region specifically in Agriculture, Animal Production. Looking to invest as a silent partner.
I have started several farms in the past. I am interested in
investing some of my funds in other companies and business.
Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.

Robert Douglars
My reply: 
Hi Mr. Douglars. Is there a telephone number I can reach you at? Mine is xxx xxx xxxx 

Dear Sir ,
Thank you so much for your kind and swift response I really appreciate,your telephone number is noted you can reach me at : +447045719386. [country code 44, isle of man/UK]
I am Interested to invest precisely in Animal production, milk cow production, milk cow breeding and a dairy farm all inclusive on a specified required acres of land, farm tools, machinery , equipment and all office fittings and equipments to be situated in your locality or any suitable location as you can suggest.
I know this investment plan will require huge amount of money and I have set aside enough fund to execute this investment plan, I want you to kindly estimate and do all necessary feasibility study to come up with an actual amount required.
I am a very old man in my late 60’s; I am humble God fearing and looking forward to have this life time investment with you as my partner/representative in the United State of America.
Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.
Robert Douglars

My Reply: 

I am very interested in your generous offer.  What would you like to see before making your investment? 

Notes:    The phone number listed above shows up at this link, as the contact number for the interpol police in a communication dated 7-31-2012.   It must be a retired police officer who's looking to invest in farms.  I'm sure that there are millions of dollars waiting for my farming operations if I pay a nominal wire transfer fee. 

Seems legit. 


The Black Lark said...

so...did you actually call the number?

off grid mama said...

Doubtful that legit. I hope you're being sarcastic. The English in it is too formal and not well done. Indicative of a foreign source where English is not the first language.

Unknown said...

This phone # also shows up in another scam as a bank# they want you to give all your info so you can get millions of dollars