Thursday, August 30, 2012

Putting up a fabric barn

I've been talking about my barn for a while, but you may not have realized it. 

I talked for a while about doing doing the site preparation for a thickened slab, and then preparation for a slab, and then about parts of the slab being poured and finished.    First part, second partfinal part

I talked about the walls of the barn, which I made out of ecology blocks -- they're tough, relatively cheap around here, and for my barn, I want something that I can clean with a tractor without fear of breaking something.  So I want it high enough to drive my tractor through with walls that can be scraped clean.  Ecology blocks fit the bill. 

I talked a bit about my initial plans for the barn, in particular, how I was thinking about making a hoophouse from scratch, and I went as far as to get some pipe and the tools to thread and bend it, but I decided not to do that for this structure. 

Here's the current state of the barn today.   Tomorrow we'll have the rest of the purlins in, and will put in the cable reinforcements and then the fabric covering.

This particular building is farmtek item #PB00800R4W.  I purchased this at retail price, and have received no consideration or compensation.  I'm strictly a customer of farmtek. 

I'll write up a description of the assembly in a couple of days, just wanted folks to know what I'd been working on. 

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