Friday, April 27, 2012

Picture requests and usage rules

My blog is picture-rich, and I write about all sorts of stuff on it.  As a result, pictures from my blog are used all over the place.  My latest picture request is from someone writing a thesis in mechanical engineering in iceland, who is apparently involved in the design of small scale animal slaughter plants.  The picture he'd like to use comes from this blog entry.

I get quite a few requests from veterinary students, who are apparently fascinated by my piglet hernia treatment pictures, like in this blog entry.

Sometimes they're after pictures of a specific type of animal, like  the new hampshire red rooster.  That picture has been particularly popular; I've gotten 8 publication requests for it.  Now it is a good picture of a nice rooster, but I just don't think it's all that good. 

A fellow interested in food waste and recycling wants to use pictures from this blog post -- his comment?  "Your pigs are eating better than most people!"  yes, they are.  And you're welcome to use my picture. 

The basic rules are that you can use pictures from my blog as long as you credit them  to the original source (this blog, and ideally to the specific blog entry they came from) with a link and a text credit. 

The second is that the pictures are for non-commercial use -- that is, you can use them to illustrate a blog entry or to talk about something that I've talked about, but if you're going to use them in advertising of any sort it's not a free use.  I'm cheap, and have a price, but there is a price. 

and the third and final rule is that you must ask for and receive permission to use my pictures.    Generally speaking, this is so that I can look to see how they're being used, and since I took them all, I'm interested in the subjects that they cover.  So if you're writing about pigs or farming or sheep or whatever I've taken a picture on, chances are pretty good I'd like to read it, too.  So by asking and providing a link to the finished product you make it easy for me. 

So yes, you can use it in your thesis.  And yes, you can use it in your alternative food publication about food waste.  And yes, you can use my piglet hernia to talk about your veterinary courses in scotland that you're taking.  And you're welcome.

And I'm glad to help people think about their food and their animals and their connection to both. 


BigGAdawg said...

Just curious, what camera do you use for your photos. You get good sharp images and the colors pop, especially on the closeups.

wooky said...

Ok. I have to fess up here. I copied the photo of the 5 piglets laying with their butts to the camera and put it as my computer wall paper.