Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeding zombies

I got a call a couple of weeks ago with an odd request.  Could I sell a lamb?

That's not what was odd; we sell lambs all the time.  Our lambs, this years lambs, are pretty small yet, but we'll sell a few here and there to folks who want a small lamb.

When people ask about it, they're often a little skittish about asking if I'm ok selling it to eat.  It's not as bad as with chickens -- apparently, eating chickens is a touchy subject -- but as you guys know, I'm all about raising animals for food. 

But there was more than the usual amount of hesitation when she asked if she could have the head.  "yes, of course.  you're buying the entire animal".  But they didn't want the head. 

They wanted the sheep brain.  Fresh.  Within 5 minutes of death. 

Honestly, the first thought that crossed my mind was zombies. 

So today was the day; I met three graduate students at my gate, and asked them if they were the zombie crew.  They looked startled, and then laughed, and said yes. 

I'll skip over the killing method; suffice it to say that it was humane and legal and quick.  They used a hand meat saw to slice the head open, and then carefully scooped out the brain, rinsed it in some liquid, and then froze it in liquid nitrogen, and then packed it in dry ice. 

This particular sheeps brain was going to be used for research at a local (big, huge, GIGANTIC) cancer research institute that had its headquarters in Seattle. 

"you're not at all what we expected", says one of them sheepishly.  What do you mean?  "Well, you seem very science friendly and you were all set up here to make this easy to do".  Well, yes, I'm a science kinda guy.

But if I were you, I'd delay my research for a few more months.  The lambs are bigger and you get more to eat, but do come again!

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Kev Alviti said...

It's nice to read a blog written by someone who has a good grounding and understanding about killing animals.
If I talk about it to my friends they can't believe we grow and kill some of our own meat as well as hunt for food. Yet they all eat meat. Your blog makes a refreshing read