Thursday, April 19, 2012

Customer feedback

 Kyle bought some bluebutt piglets from me about 6 weeks ago, and is pasturing them on his farm.  He's got a family milk cow already, and these guys are getting 5 gallons of milk a day (that's surplus milk; Kyle has a large family and they drink a bunch, too.

 "hi bruce
the pigs are growing really well. we've had them for 6 weeks so they are about 12 weeks old
they are in their 5th paddock of grass and drinking about 5 gallons of milk a day
the felmley family in bellingham "

I like his setup -- simple and easy to maintain.  Electronet for electric fencing, a hog panel bent into a U shape with a tarp over it, and grass.  Lovely. 

Thanks for the business, Kyle.  I'm glad you're enjoying your pigs. 

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becky3086 said...

Very nice post. It is interesting to see how other people keep their pigs.