Monday, February 20, 2012

So I ended up with this duck...

We've been working on this barn, and getting close to finishing the walls, and you're probably wondering about the duck; I'll get there. 

One of the sows got out of the paddock, and didn't get noticed for a while; she made her way over to the poultry greenhouse, and decided to go inside.  Greenhouse plastic isn't much of a barrier for a motivated sow, and she apparently spent the day in there, rooting around, eating the chicken feed, looking for eggs..

and unfortunately, stepping on some poor ducks foot, breaking it. 

Sometimes the menu is a volunteer, sometimes its an accident.  Felt bad for the duck, but didn't want to waste it.  Nice white duck, maybe 4lbs dressed. 

Humanely dispatched, and laboriously plucked. 

So I ended up with this duck.  Now I'm off to see what I can do with a fresh duck. 

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Funder said...

Screw tradition. Salt and confit the breasts and legs; make stock with the rest of it. Crisp up the confit and serve it over duck risotto (or just rice made with duck stock if you're feeling lazy that night!)