Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flood warning

Update,  8pm PST:

  They've revised the maximum river level down, and the high tide has passed without incident.  I'm going to stand down for now.    Whew!

River is high already, flood warning has been issued.  We've gotten probably 4" of rain, with another 7" forecast.  River level will peak tomorrow around 5pm. 

Anything above 27' is something to watch; check the trailers, make sure that the corral is in good shape.  above 29' and you start to worry about the dike around the island.  at 32.5 feet the dike gets overtopped. 

The biggest risk is when all of the following happen at the same time: 

Heavy snowpack
warm rain on it
high tide

Low tide is tommorow about noon; at 5pm it's high tide.   River peaks at 5pm.


River level
Tide chart

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