Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Todays progress on barn

The holidays have complicated the barn construction; gravel pits are closed, concrete suppliers won't deliver, people want days off.  That's one thing that I do miss about working an office job; Friday used to be the day before I got a couple of days off.   Now the only reason I noticed it's Friday is that the bank is open later, and Saturday and Sundays are when the bank isn't open. 

The slab is turning out pretty nicely.  What we've poured is 18' x 80'; we still have the last 12' section to pour, and then some additional flatwork around it;  since I'm doing the work, I might as well put concrete around the faucets and around the water shutoff valve and so on, basically make everything neat and tidy

...and harder for the hired hands to run over or snap off or otherwise break.  We've had a rash of stuff get broken.   

The slab is pretty flat; the water you see in the distance is 1/16' of an inch deep at the deepest point (I measured it to see if I needed to do some rework there -- that's fine) and we've managed to get it down between downpours.  No freezing weather on the forecast; lows in the 40s for the next few days, so by the time it gets around to freezing again the concrete should be fine. 

I had a comment about animals and tracks.  I've got a few geese that are mostly pasture ornaments (well, not mostly.  They are pasture ornaments) and they've been the worst offenders.  You can see some goose tracks across the slab. 

Glad that this part is getting close to finished.  One more pour and the hard part will be done.  The rest of it will go up pretty quickly -- as in 1-day quickly. 

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