Thursday, January 5, 2012

Final concrete

I know, you're probably bored by now, but I'm glad to have gotten the hard (and most expensive) part of the new barn complete.  The slab is down, level and turned out pretty nicely. 
30' wide by 80' long.

It's strong enough to walk on now, but I'll wait two or three weeks for it to cure before putting any weight on it.  At this point we can use it to bend the hoops that will form the roof.  I've already got the ecology blocks on site.  With the hoops bent and brackets fabricated it'll take a day or so to stack the walls and roof it.  Really looking forward to having it done.  

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Kelly Johnson said...

Looks good.Im very interested in seeing how you bend the hoops. I thought I had read in an earlier post you were using a used green house frame. Im in the process of building a 20x32 "hoop house" right now. Im using 1 1/4 pvc conduit over wood pallets.