Saturday, January 28, 2012

Natures harmony, by any other name

Tim and Liz are back in the farm blog and podcast business, this time under the name

As usual, dissent - even questions - are not allowed.  My question about why they were operating under a pseudonym was deleted 7 minutes later, and a followup question to "marsha": 

"Marsha via 3:44 PM (10 minutes ago)
to Bruce

Marsha has sent you a message on Farm Dreams
Subject: Message from Form Administrator,
Hi Bruce,

Welcome to!  We're thrilled to have you as part of our community!
A comment posted by your account was removed from the forum.  As forum administrator I strive to keep all topics and comments focused on the threads and on the aim of, which is to encourage, inspire and help others to learn skills that relate to farming, preparedness and homesteading.  While I felt that your comment was not constructive and not on topic,  I hope you continue to utilize and find it useful.

went unanswered.  Well, welcome back, Tim and Liz.  Hope this works out better for you than your farming venture did. 

My experience with Tim and Liz is that while they claim to have reviews of their products online, no negative review, comment or anything other than glowing praise is ever published.  Try it out for yourself; rate their podcast on itunes as anything other than 5 stars (out of 5). 


paulswr said...

I listened to that podcast today. Seemed they were well informed, but pretty full of themselves. Guess you need to be if you wanna jump in the advice business. I was wondering why the name had changed, but am an infrequent listener, so didn't think much about it. As far as deleting questions, that's a no-no. I didn't think your question was out of line. It would show a lot more professionalism to keep your question and answer it.

Bruce King said...

I don't mind folks who have opinions; in fact, some of the most valuable stuff on the web is someones opinion. My biggest gripes about tim-and-liz productions is that they will not listen or tolerate any discussion that doesn't agree with them, but portray themselves as a neutral, helpful farming information source, and any and all reviews of their products are suspect because they will not tolerate any negative comments there, either.

What good is a review if you can't trust it?

Mike said...

Comment on Itunes. I don't think they can delete those. I just did. We will see what happens.

Mike said...

I just checked back and my comment was deleted!