Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grapes, piglets

 Processed 50lbs of concord grapes, finished it today.  This was the easiest juicing that I've ever done; when we were buying the grapes the farmers learned that we had been doing it with a colander and offered to give us their processor - for free! 
 This is the beast.  It's got 3 parts and a lid.  the bottom holds the water.  above that is a pot that holds the grape juice as it is produced, with a small spigot (you'll see it at the bottom in the picture above, with a plastic tube attached to it to direct the juice).
 At the top of this is the colander that holds the grapes; it holds about 10lbs at a time, and produces 5.5 quarts for each batch.  At the end of the process you get lovely, concentrated grape juice and the skins and seeds, below. 
A cake of grape skins.  We give this to the pigs at the farm.  They think it's yummy. 
These two little guys are at the house; the closer one is the runt of a litter that we didn't think would make it, so Andrea has been carefully nursing it back to health, and the other is a little pig that, well, doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it physically, but seems a little off mentally.  Just not piglet-like, but little pigs do so much better with a buddy, so they both get to lay on their heating pad, underneath the heat lamp.  I don't see how they sleep like that; they have to be roasting.  Both are doing well. 

Andrea is not impressed.  But I checked her tongue to see if she'd been eating grapes.  She passed.

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