Friday, November 4, 2011

Free vegetable seeds

This is the winter squash season, and if you're interested in what grows well in your area, go to your local farmers market and take a look. 
 I love these acorn squash, and the variety that's grown around here is abundant.  These two squash were $1 each, about $0.25/lb.  Roasted with some brown sugar and butter, in a hearty soup; mashed or grilled.  They're a favorite.  And my pigs like them, too.  They'll root around and pick these squash out over their other favorite -- apples. 
 Each squash comes with a money-saving tip inside.  The seeds.  Each squash provides enough seeds for all of the squash that I'd like next growing season. 
Slice open the squash, scoop the seeds out, and spread on a paper towel.  Dry overnight, store in a cool, dry place.  And next spring you'll be all set to plant -- with fresh seeds. 

Some of the varieties of vegetables are hybrids, so your results may vary a bit, but the price is right, and if you're buying local, you know that this variety is suited to your climate. 

And the same applies to all of the other winter squash.  Eat your favorite, and then grow it!

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