Saturday, September 17, 2011

The volunteer garden

This year I haven't planted a formal garden, and I was regretting it a bit, when I noticed that I had a garden already. 
 Most everywhere I've fed pigs produce has some sort of vegetable growing in it.  Here's a patch of tomatillos having a riotous good time. 
 Tomatoes have made a huge showing.  I probably have 500 tomato plants of various sizes. 
 Mixed in with the tomatoes are various volunteer squashes.  Some of them have squash growing.  given the time of year, it's unlikely I'll get any mature squash, but I've got to say, this is the easiest garden ever. 
 Lots of green tomatoes.  Most of them are the plum tomatoes, some are beefsteak.  Tomatoes are probably the most common. 
There's also some smaller squash vines.  I think they're cantaloupe or cucumber.  They have that look to them. 

The plants are really growing well on the edge of the pig paddocks, which is a good sign.  The mix of wood chips, composted veges and pig manure is producing good quality soil. 

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Mike said...

Volunteer plants are so sweet! We let them grow too. If it turns out to be some weird squash crosshead with a pumpkin then it is free chicken food. Great post