Monday, September 26, 2011

Farm inspection by health department

Last month the health department of Snohomish County sent me a notice of violation, and in subsequent talks we scheduled an on-farm inspection by the health department and by representatives of the Snohomish County Conservation District

So today was the farm visit and inspection.  I show a lot of people my operation, and today wasn't any different than any other as far as normal workload.  The health department, in the person of Katheryn
 The health department representative was pretty formal in her hardhat.
 The conservation district a little less formal.  Everyone watched as we went through the whole process of feeding the pigs, from trailer to trough (or ground). 
 Todays load was very carrot-heavy.  Pigs aren't big fans of carrots but they do eat them eventually. 
I'll be working with the conservation district to see what their proposed farm plan is.  We'll see what they have to say.  I'll write it up as it happens. 


sheila said...

I'm guessing they will cause trouble. Good luck.

Steve said...

Good luck Bruce!

It has to be frustrating to have these overlords harassing you.